Renegade Reiki

For those of us who struggle to fit in the way the rest of the world thinks we should, welcome to Renegade Reiki. This is an honest and loving community that not only accepts, but embraces all of your unique qualities and urges you to enhance them to their greatest potential. Renegade allows you to receive the benefits of Reiki without disrupting your day-to-day life, allowing you to take care of yourself while you take on the world.

Each month you will receive two distance Reiki sessions that I send out to the community. I will send an E-mail introducing the focus and time if they choose to take these moments to relax and rejuvenate. The focus of the Reiki will be to help cleanse and recharge your energy field, giving you extra support throughout your day without you needing to do anything to receive it. Most tend to feel a sense of relaxation during and immediately after the session, and this relaxation tends to turn into an uplifting feeling that helps you power through the day more easily.

Who is Renegade Reiki for:

  • People who have enjoyed the benefits of Reiki in the past, but don’t necessarily have the time or funds for regular sessions
  • Those who receive Reiki regularly but want a little extra boost between sessions
  • Those who are exhausted from constantly having to stand up for who they are
  • Those walking spiritual paths who want to deepen their sense of balance and connection
  • Those who have been judged for their sexuality, gender, intellect and feel in need of energetic support
  • Professionals and entrepreneurs seeking a way to balance and unwind but are limited on time
  • People in nurturing professions who want to increase their self care regimen
  • Mothers who want their family to receive Reiki’s healing energy without having to spend too much time or money to feel better
  • Empaths or people who are sensitive to their surroundings and/or the emotions of others


Renegade Reiki is inspired by my grandfather, a larger than life Italian who had a love of pranks. His infectious laughter could always be heard throughout the house. He was captured during WWII and spent 27 months in a POW camp. His personality, playful antics and spark for life is what helped him survive those incredibly trying times. Through him I learned to never let the world dull your shine, and that who you are is valuable even in the most difficult of situations.

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