Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique focused on the body’s energy system or chi. It is a gentle, hands-on technique that brings the body to an enhanced state of relaxation, allowing the body to step into a deep state of healing. The human body is an intelligent system that, when in a relaxed state, uses its own inner knowing to balance and heal aspects of itself that are not in our conscious awareness. Blockages are removed, and the internal energy system of the body is allowed to freely flow throughout. This enhances health, reduces stress and brings a general state of well being.

Reiki is:

• Safe to use any time, for any situation
• A unique, individual, self-transforming experience
• A technique used to activate, restore and balance the natural bio-electromagnetic energy of the body
• A great compliment to other health therapies

Reiki is not:

• A religion, cult or belief system
• A dogma or doctrine
• A form of mind control
• A form of psychic healing
• Wishful thinking

Benefits of reiki:

• Stress relief
• Enhanced relaxation
• Spiritual connection
• Support during grieving process
• Emotional balance
• Mental clarity
• Physical relaxation/pain relief
• Support during challenging times
• Support during times of transition or change
• New beginnings
• Speed up recovery time

Despite its gentleness, Reiki is a quite powerful technique. It is a soothing hands-on technique which has made its way to the West from Japan. Thousands of years old, Reiki aids the body in its own healing process and nurtures the mind and spirit. It uses the intelligence of the body to correct imbalances and promote wellness.

Renegade Reiki
For those of us who struggle to fit in the way the rest of the world thinks we should, welcome to Renegade Reiki. This is an honest and loving community that not only accepts, but embraces all of your unique qualities and urges you to enhance them to their greatest potential. Renegade allows you to receive the benefits of Reiki without disrupting your day-to-day life, allowing you to take care of yourself while you take on the world. Learn More