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Six Unusual Effects of Meditation on your Body

Side effects often have a negative connotation or describe an adverse effect. Often the positive side effects are overlooked or simply grouped into the wanted results. Meditation is directed towards the mind yet it can add some unusual and welcoming changes to the body! Decrease the need or desire for sleep – Sleep is critical …

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Oakheart Intuitive Therapies has MOVED!

Annick Burke and Oakheart Intuitive Therapies has moved to our new location in the Theratique Boutique at 4440 Canal Street in Mid City, New Orleans. Our new space allows us to expand our services as well as provide a great space for Massage, Hypnosis and Reiki. Come check out the new location!

Divine Chats: Gratitude

Conversations with the Universe: Why We Need Gratitude I have been a part of the holistic, self-help, all is love and light community for almost two decades now. One of the practices that is frequently preached about is gratitude. Making a gratitude list, looking at it daily, making a new one daily, etc. This is …

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