Meditative Messages: Acceptance

Recently during meditation, I asked to understand the real reason for acceptance. I was not disappointed: Healing begins with acceptance. Acceptance of both self and others is necessary in order to understand the deeper meaning of a situation. It is easy to hide behind shame and blame, but the ease presents itself when we

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Plus size bride, the dreaded dress

Weddings are times of celebration, giddiness, and a blossoming of love. Sometimes though, this is overshadowed by this overwhelming fear of looking good in a dress in front of potentially hundreds of people. How will my arms look? What size should I get? Seriously, white satin, do you hide anything? It can be a

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Delf-Reiki for personal stress reduction and relaxation.

A recent publication in the National Institute for Health shows the benefits of self done Reiki. Read the full study details and suggestions below. OBJECTIVE: More than one-third of college students reported the desire for stress reduction techniques and education. The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of a 20-week structured

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