Divine Chats: Gratitude

Conversations with the Universe: Why We Need Gratitude

I have been a part of the holistic, self-help, all is love and light community for almost two decades now. One of the practices that is frequently preached about is gratitude. Making a gratitude list, looking at it daily, making a new one daily, etc. This is a great practice and all, but it meets a lot of resistance…why? When I am working with clients, I often recommend they create a gratitude practice themselves. Many times I am met with “I know I know, it’s just so hard to feel grateful, and I don’t have time.” The hypnosis geek in me wants to know why this is. Why can’t we create a driving force within ourselves to be grateful? Any time we create a new pattern in our lives, we have to see the worth in it, so I wanted to dig a little deeper.

Typically, when I dig for answers my first stop is google…google has everything! But this answer on gratitude came to me during meditation. Come to find out, when we go within there are lots of answers there too. I woke up in the middle of the night and I could not go back to sleep. Instead of piddling on my phone, I decided to meditate. I stayed in bed and placed my hand over my heart. I asked what I needed; what did the deepest part of me crave? The answer I got was quiet and safety. So I laid there and began to use reiki on myself. I opened myself up to the universe to receive what I craved most: quiet and safety. I allowed the energy to flow, filling me up with a sense of comfort and peace which I have been needing for quite some time now. Life gets hard, and being a spiritual person does not mean a life free of challenges. As I began to feel really good and really full of that quiet, I asked the universe, “What do you need from me?” The answer I received was patience and gratitude. Patience is definitely not a strength of mine, so I began to ask why. I wanted to understand more deeply so that I could create a driving force that would allow me to embody these characteristics. This is how my conversation with the universe (God, Higher self, etc.) went.

Me: Why do I need patience, why is it important?

Universe: The pace in which things happen are for your own good, many unseen factors are at play and although you want something now, it may not be something you are ready to handle quite yet.

Me: And gratitude? Why do you need me to be grateful?

Universe: Gratitude is not for me, it does nothing for me. Gratitude is for you, it is to show you that things are just fine. That no matter what is happening in life, no matter how challenging or heart breaking, that within life there is always love. Sometimes it is small, many times it goes unnoticed, but if we focus on it, it grows. Now I have a question for you.

Me: Oh? Ok, I’m ready.

Universe: Why is it that when people achieve something they have desired, it becomes a source of stress?

Me: Speechless

Wow! I was not expecting that. I immediately began to cry in a very heart opening, loving sort of way. I thought about my house that I bought 8 months ago. I thought about the need for renovations, having to pay that house note each month…it is definitely a source of stress! But when I wanted that house, when I got that house, it was the most amazing feeling in the world. It was something that I dreamed of and I had no idea I could make it happen. Then I thought about my husband. How many times does he cook me dinner and provide me with a source of love and support and I just glaze over it because I am making a to-do list in my head.

Then I began to think of my clients, family, and friends. Many of their stresses were once things that they desired; a goal they wanted to achieve. Whether it was a house, a career, a relationship, a family; the list goes on. How was something we once wanted so badly now a pain in the behind? Better yet, how can we change it? That is where gratitude comes in. It’s not just some sunshine and rainbow talk, it is a process that can help us realize that although life isn’t perfect, and many times it is hard, it is a beautiful gift we should cherish every moment.

Gratefully yours,

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