Welcome To Oakheart Wellness.

As I walk along the tree lined streets of New Orleans, I can not help but be amazed by the strength and resilience of these mighty oaks. Many of these trees are over 100 years old and have weathered many storms. The interesting thing about these trees is that they started as these thin, tenacious “weeds” that sprout from acorns. That weed eventually becomes the heart of the oak, the center of the tree that nourishes the plant but also anchors it to the ground. When the oak starts as a small seedling, despite its size it is incredibly strong and practically impossible to pull out of the ground.

Oakheart Wellness became what it is because of the tenacity and passion to thrive that is inside of each of my clients. Despite obstacles and storms, together we can create a sense of strength and nourishment that allows you to grow. I am honored to support your growth and witness your strength as an individual. It is my purpose to help you see the opportunities within life struggles and create beauty and balance within those experiences.

  • With my busy and stressful job I can't afford not to set time aside to decompress alowing for better mental focus and ultimately more production than had I not gone. I highly recommend people with busy and stressful lives to give this a try.
    ~Ryan M