Reiki uses ancient Japanese techniques to balance the mind and emotions. Consistent Reiki sessions can bring about a more peaceful state of being and help better cope with everyday stress. It can also be a source of support for more challenging times in life such as grief and illness.


There are numerous physical and emotional benefits received from nurturing yourself with a massage therapy session. By reducing muscle tension, you can also relieve the stress and anxiety you suffer from because of it.


Alleviate current fears and struggles by letting go of traumas from your karmic past. Connecting with your past lives allows you to better understand where your physical conditions and emotional reactions stem from.


By connecting with your unconscious mind, you are able to focus your awareness and better achieve the goals you set for yourself in life by exploring deeper meaning of actions to obstacles.


Annick has taken her 16 years of experience as a holistic practitioner and consolidated the best information she has found and presents this information in a fun and experiential way.


For those of us who struggle to fit in the way the rest of the world thinks we should, welcome to Renegade Reiki. This is an honest and loving community that not only accepts, but embraces all of your unique qualities and urges you to enhance them to their greatest potential. Renegade allows you to receive the benefits of Reiki without disrupting your day-to-day life, allowing you to take care of yourself while you take on the world.

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