Hypnosis is a combination of relaxation and focused concentration used to create a mental state that allows for problem solving and habit change. My bypassing the conscious mind and increasing access to the subconscious, the client can effectively transform thinking habits to help insure their success in achieving goals.

Hypnosis is a narrowing of attention so that distractions are shut out and a focused awareness is achieved. It is not a mysterious state, but a state that every person, with very few exceptions can easily reach. The conscious mind, which is the rational and analytic mind, is suspended for a time. The unconscious mind, which holds all our emotions, our memories and our creativity, is more fully accessed to provide resources not usually available. The trance state is similar to meditation. In this state the innate powers of the human mind, which are usually untapped, flow freely and enhance every area of life. People describe trance differently, but generally everyone agrees that it is a relaxing and pleasant experience. Many people are surprised that they continue to experience thoughts, hear sounds and even speak while in trance. You are aware of what is going on, you will not do or say anything that is not in harmony with your deepest nature. The unconscious mind is your truest friend and constant protector.
Despite what the mainstream media tends to portray, you are completely aware of what I am saying; you are not asleep, just relaxed. Most people report that after a session they feel refreshed and experience a greater sense of clarity. Because of this, hypnosis is great for relieving stress and anxiety. It also makes it easier to feel more positive emotions on a daily basis, because emotions are how the subconscious speaks to us. Using hypnosis we can find out what the inner mind is trying to say, making it easy to relieve chronic sadness, stress, worry and fear.

There are many other benefits to hypnosis, such as:
•Goal Setting
•Smoking Cessation
•Pain Management
•Trauma Release
•Stress Relief/Relaxation

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