Six Unusual Effects of Meditation on your Body

Side effects often have a negative connotation or describe an adverse effect. Often the positive side effects are overlooked or simply grouped into the wanted results. Meditation is directed towards the mind yet it can add some unusual and welcoming changes to the body!

  1. Decrease the need or desire for sleep – Sleep is critical however studies in meditation have shown regular meditation to reduce desires for napping, that 2pm coffee bindge and more restful sleep.
  2. Improving your immune system – Stress can and often does lead to body aches, pains and a depleted immune system. Studies have shown practitioners of yoga and meditation had improved mitochondrial energy production, consumption and resiliency which improve your immune system and resilience to stress.*1
  3. Improved breathing – During meditation you are consciously focused on your breathing, filling your lungs up with air. The more you practice this the more it becomes a part of your unconscious, which leads to better, deeper breathing patterns which improves all around living.
  4. Reduce being overwhelmed – The goal of meditation is to focus; you do this by concentrating on your breathing or counting or whatever you are doing. This translates into a more single minded approach to day to day tasks, which raises productivity and also avoids overwhelm.



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